Friday, December 17, 2010

Riley's Friday Playgroup

The kids all wore Christmas pajama's to playgroup today!  They looked so cute!  First, we put the babies on the couch for pictures, and then we added all the little people who can walk. We have quite the playgroup!

Riley and her sweet friend Campbell!

Great Granddad's 80th Surprise Birthday Party

Last Sunday Riley went to her Great Granddad's surprise 80th birthday party!  She loved being held by so many people! 

Great Granddad and the girls!

Grandmother and Granddad

his cake

Aunt Leah and Uncle Ryan

Riley finally got to meet her Aunt Dianna!

Aunt LeAnne

And Riley by Aunt Delena's pretty tree!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Riley's First Thanksgiving

Riley spent her first Thanksgiving in Rancho Viejo with Nala, Grandpa K, Aunt Dana and Uncle Ric.  Grandpa K bought her a Jumper Roo and she spent a lot of time jumping up and down in that contraption!

We decided to be a bit cheesy and wear our matching turkey bowl shirts on Thanksgiving Day.

 While we ate Thanksgiving meal, Riley traveled from her blanket to underneath Uncle Ric's chair..

Riley loved meeting Aunt Dana and Uncle Ric!

Riley took her nightly bath in Nala's sink.  It was really fun to look at her look at herself in all the mirrors!

Nala took Riley out to see the Christmas lights that Grandpa K put up.  She wanted to eat the candy canes!  (Nice shoe's and socks Nala! :))

Riley had a great time with her family over Thanksgiving!  She loved all of their affection!  She can't wait to see Nala and Grandpa K again during Christmas!  

She did a fantastic job on the flight minus 1 huge poop explosion. (Kenten took her into the tiny bathroom and changed her with the toilet lid down - gross! If I hadn't put the burp cloth underneath her I would have been covered in poop!)  

So, in Riley's 5th month she celebrated her first Thanksgiving, took her first flight, and she is getting her first two teeth!!!!