Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A place for you!

Sweet Andrew - we have a place prepared for you and we are expectant that you will get to use it!  Some friends of mine gave me a "sprinkle" on February 12th.  They brought handmade gifts and gift cards.  You got some very cool things!  We are decorating your place with orange and elephants!  We chose orange because it's the color for breakthrough, and elephants because they are big and strong! On the night of your sprinkle it snowed for the first time this "winter."  It encouraged me because I had been asking the Lord for some winter weather. :) He answered!  Here are some of the sweet things you received at the sprinkle. 

Here is your spot in our room!

I didn't put any pictures from Christmas on the blog, so I am going to post a few family pics right now!

This is your Daddy's side of the family.

This is your Nala and Grandpa K.

This is your very fun big sister!


Update on Andrew: We thought we were going to be induced on the 7th, body doesn't seem to be ready just yet.  So, we will re-evalutae on Monday, March 5th.  The next possible date for induction is March 19th because my Dr.'s kids have spring break the 12th-16th and she does not want to do any elective procedures during that week.  If I go into labor naturally, of course she will come. 

Today I am feeling very EXPECTANT for break through.  This is not always the case, but my sweet friend Christy sent out a mass email as a call to stand firm, clothed in the armor God has provided, and Kenten and I feel strengthened to keep believing.  We can tell people are invested in prayer and standing in the gap with us! 

So, this morning as I was spending time with the Lord I felt like He said - Hebrew's 4:8. A verse in itself that is encouraging because it reminds us that Jesus is the high priest of a BETTER covenant, but that verse led me to the book of Joshua.  I read chapter's 1 and 2.  The Lord encouraged me through those chapters in two ways:  First of all, the verses about being strong and courageous, not to be terrified or discouraged for the Lord will be with us wherever we go...were placed on the heart of a friends of ours in Africa who have been praying diligently for us.  That's right people from different countries are praying for Andrew! Secondly, because Joshua was a man of great faith and the Lord chose him to lead his people into the promised land.  In these two chapters he was getting the people ready to enter the land.... just as we are by faith getting ready to receive Andrew!

Thank you Lord for your word.  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Counting down the days!

I haven't blogged in a while.  I do want to keep everyone updated in our journey with sweet Andrew.  I am 38 weeks pregnant and we will probably go in to be induced on March 7th.  (Unless Andrew decides to come early.)  We will confirm this date with my doctor on Monday.  The last sonogram I had was at 32 weeks.  Andrew's organs look good, and his face doesn't seem to have any kind of deformities, but his limbs and abdominal measurements were reported too small/short.  Basically, everyone is saying that the first step will be breath. He needs to be able to breath on his own, and his measurements don''t predict that will be likely.  

God causes growth. We are asking Him to stretch out Andrew's arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes, neck, and abdominal region.  We are also believing that his spine be straightened to have a natural curve.  We are contending for his full and complete healing!  

I am going to start a 10 day count down on the 27th of February.  It's getting a bit harder to not give into worry and fear as his actual birthday approaches. It's easy to think about all the what if's.  We are not living in denial, we just desire to fully live each day. Walking in worry, anxiety and fear of the unknown doesn't allow us to fully live.  We have to daily choose to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith.  We also continually remind ourselves that NOTHING is impossible with God.  NOTHING. He has given us His Spirit, and instructed us in His word to put on His full armor.  We can use His word to battle with! He has also given us a wonderful community to help hold our arms up in this battle!  We are blessed!