Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A gift from Papa

Yesterday we went to Irving to spend time with Gianna.  When we arrived at Grandma and Papa's house we were surprised to find BIG, adorable bears on the couch waiting for Riley and Gianna.  Sweet Papa  gave his girls a valentine gift!  

Thank you Papa!!!!

See how nice they play together!

Actually, Gianna was a little afraid of Riley.  She would scream like this whenever Riley came close.  We think she was just tired.

Aunt Bec was great at distracting her.  She made both of the girls laugh!  We had a fun day with Gianna and Papa and the bears!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Riley has never been a good napper.  Now that she is mobile it's worse.  She cries and crawls around all over her crib.  She plays in her crib.  Here is another picture of how she passed out after about 30 minutes of crawling around. Maybe we need to take the cute, comfy bumpers out. :(   I guess we should be thankful she sleeps through the night!

Water anyone?

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Pics and Standing

What a surprise to see the ground covered with snow this morning!  We took some better pictures of Riley in the snow.  There are also some pics of her pulling up and standing.  She is growing so quickly!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

7 Months - Slow Down Riley!

Riley changed a lot at seven months.  Her first and biggest change is that she started crawling all over the place!  She also pulls up on everything, eats a variety of baby foods, and she has developed new sleeping positions.  

Just waiting for some food!

This is how she used to sleep - snug as a bug in the middle of two rolled up blankets.

This is how she sleeps now!  It's like she just crashes after crawling around all over her crib.

Then she sticks her face in between the bars to let us know she is ready to get out.

The weather has been bitter cold here in Texas.  So much so that we have had some snow and ice on the ground.  Of course we needed to let Riley experience it! Thank goodness Nala bought her a winter coat and Mama gave her a warm hat! :)