Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Thistle Dew Ranch

Last weekend our Detroit team had a retreat at the Goode's ranch.  It was very peaceful and relaxing!  We enjoyed the beauty of Palo Pinto, Texas, and we got to get to know one another at deeper levels.  Riley had fun being surrounded by people.  I think her favorite part was the view from the hot tub though!

the goode's - our hosts and tour guides
thank you for letting us enjoy your beautiful home!

before we set out to feed the cows we had to gear up.  the boots were very necessary due to all the snakes out there! 

truck crew


riley really liked the horses until her daddy was holding her and one sneezed on her hand.

we fed the donkey's too!

duncan enjoyed watching the cows.

christy and sweet campbell 

riley had had enough of the animals. her and her daddy waited in the truck while we continued our tour.

she loves the water! here she is in the pool.

sweet friends hanging out in the hot tub

the view from the hot tub - amazing!

riley thinks so too.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Nine Month Old Toddler!

I was hanging Riley's clean clothes in her closet this morning, when I noticed she was pulling everything out of her drawers!  She is into everything these days.  (Everything except for taking naps.) 

Two nights ago Kenten and I were playing with her in the living room and she was standing on her own for several seconds and then she actually tried to take a step!  She fell down of course, but it was fun to see!