Monday, September 19, 2011

San Diego

Last month we took our first family vacation to San Diego.  We stayed with Kenten's Aunt Janelle and Uncle Joe in Carlsbad.  Riley loved getting to know them better!  They have a beautiful pool in their back yard, so we spent a lot of time out there.

key to riley's heart - sprinklers!

uncle joe and riley

We also went to the famous San Diego zoo.  It was huge!  Riley is so used to looking at animals in books, that she often pointed to the signs that showed the animals rather than the animals themselves!  We definitely had to direct her attention!

The entrance to the San Diego zoo!

We started the day out with a bus tour.

We saw polar bears!




Of course we saw tons of other animals, those were just some of Riley's favorites.  

Riley had to sit on uncle Joe's lap at lunch because he was the only one who would share her food!

so happy together!


Riley stayed an arms length from all the animals in the petting zoo!

We spent a day on the beach in Carlsbad, and we also went to La Jolla to see the seal beach.


Riley loves her Aunt Nell and Uncle Joe!

The last day we spent time visiting All People's Church and hanging out on Coronado Island.

Daddy is sad to leave!

Gianna's 1st Birthday

On August 13th Riley's cousin Gianna turned 1!  She had a party at her house in her HUGE yard.  Riley loved the bin of balls and playing in the water!  She had a great time wishing her sweet cousin a happy first birthday!

Make a wish!

Gianna is learning from her mom how to blow out the candle.


Kid Pools

They had the biggest bounce/water slide that I have ever seen.  So big that man and his son went down together!

Aunt Bec let Riley play in the water at the bottom of the water slide.

Riley's classic smile!