Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Day

On Christmas day we opened a few presents at home, then we went to Mama's house for lunch and an Ashworth (Kenten's mom's side of the family) family gift exchange.   After that we traveled to Papa and Grandma's house.  Riley really eats up all the attention!  She wanted to be with all the people so much that she didn't take a single nap the whole day!  That made for her first, and hopefully last, rough night!

The girls finally got to meet their Aunt Janelle and Uncle Joe!  They gave the girls some fun pacifiers.  Riley loved sitting on Uncle Joe's lap even though he made her look funny.

Sneaky Uncle Ryan was in the other room giving Riley cool whip!

Edna Wasn't able to come to Mama's for Christmas because she wasn't feeling well. :( Below is a picture of the cute outfit she gave Riley for Christmas.

At Grandma and Papa's Riley had a lot of fun with Gianna!

She also got the hang of opening gifts!  Thank you Aunt Leah and Uncle Ryan for the fun play table!

Grandpa K and Nala came into town that evening.  Riley enjoyed spending a week with them too!

Nala and Grandma took Riley out to lunch!

What a big girl!

Picture with Santa

We tried to get Riley's picture taken at North Park - silly idea!  Instead of giving up we took her to Santa at the Arboretum where we could take our own picture for free.  It was a bit different from North Park's set up, but we were thankful to get her picture with Santa!

Now we know Santa's drink of choice!

And there it is - a picture with Santa!

She seems more excited now that it's over!

That night we had the Waldrum family Christmas.  We ate lots of food and had a gift exchange.

Great Grandmother always does the numbers.

Great Granddad got the shaft - a gold makeup bag!

Even Gianna is eating her Rice Cereal.  What a big girl!