Monday, October 31, 2011

Update on Andrew and Fun Fall Pictures

So we went back to the doctor last Monday for our sonogram very expectant for change.  Unfortunately, it not only showed the things that were wrong from the last report, but just went on to add to the list.  They could barely see his feet, yet alone if there were any bones in them, his neck is too short, his chin is too small, his face is not shaped correctly, his measurements were in the fatal category....of course we were very sad and felt discouraged!  

BUT, the Lord has given us strength to believe again that HE is the healer, and that this is not impossible for Him!  It also helps us to be surrounded by a community of believers who are praying without ceasing! Please keep sending us your testimonies! 

In 1 Samuel 30:3-6 David wept until he had no more strength to weep because everything was destroyed and his wives and sons and daughters were taken...but at the end of this passage it says that he found strength in the Lord his God.  Kenten and I are finding this to be so true on a daily basis.  His mercies are new every morning and He truly gives an unexplainable strength and HOPE to his children in times of need!  He is good!  We are choosing to rest/fall into in Jesus to be who He says He is!

A few sweet things the Lord does for me on a daily basis:

  • encourages my heart by His word
  • lets me feel Andrew move when I ask to feel him move
  • puts just the right song on the radio - todays song was I Lift My Hands by Chris Tomlin
  • has someone email me an encouraging word from the Lord, or a testimony of healing!

Here are some pictures of fun things we have been doing with Riley (our beautiful bundle of JOY) this fall:

The State Fair of Texas

She loves safari animals!

Riley's cousin Gianna and Aunt Bec

our little farmers

The Arboretum

riley is a pretty strong little girl

gianna loves pumpkins - can't you tell?


Aunt Rae and Uncle Wayne's

the gourd workshop

bec's christmas ornament gourd

grandma busy at work

my candy dish gourd (copying aunt Rae's design)

kenten hard at work

riley's new favorite uncle (the owner of Ruby!)

the girls dressed up!

cutest. puppy. ever!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I just wanted to take a minute and express how thankful my heart is for all of you! Thank you so much for praying and believing with us!  We are so thankful for all of your comments and emails!  It truly encourages us to hear your testimonies!  God has done the impossible in your situations, and He can do it in ours! It has been so sweet to receive verses from people daily.  Thank you for the hugs, the tears, the invitations, and the phone calls.  God truly knows our needs and He has been using all of you to bless us tremendously! There is no way we could walk through this on our own!  Kenten and I have been SO encouraged when people have gathered around us and prayed for us, or sent emails saying their church/bible study groups have been praying for us! All of you are playing a HUGE part in Andrew's life, and in stirring our faith! Thank you Jesus for Your body! We need every part!

Thank you also to the people who have made us yummy meals. One friend felt like God was prompting her to give us some peanut M&M's with the dinner that she prepared, she didn't know it, but they really had a special meaning to us, so thank you sweet friend for listening to the Lord!  

Today someone sent us a picture of a sign that he was passing by. It said:
St. Andrews Church
With God there is always HOPE! 

Sweet baby Andrew, with God we have great hope for you!

I am also thankful that the Rangers are in the World Series. :)  It has been fun cheering them to victory in the ALCS.  It's provided something fun for us to do with friends as we have been seeking & praying & standing & waiting.  I am ready to put my "rally cap" on for the games ahead, but mostly for the days ahead as we  stand in Faith believing for Andrews healing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Riley's going to have a brother!

Monday we went to have our sonogram to see if we were having a baby boy or a baby girl, and instead we were told we have a big problem.  As they continued to press on my belly and tell us the details of the problem, they casually mentioned that we were having a boy.  That was an encouraging thing to hear!  We didn't leave the room with pictures, just very discouraging news.  So, I am writing this because I want anyone who has faith in Jesus to stand with us to believe Him for the impossible for our baby boy - Andrew!

He was given the diagnosis of skeletal displacia (not sure if I even spelled that correctly.) This, they said was a very broad category and further sonograms would help them better diagnosis it.  Andrew's limbs were all measuring at 15 weeks, and I am 19 weeks pregnant.  They also saw a 90 degree curve in his spine and swelling in his tiny feet.  Basically, they said he would either not survive after delivery, or be a dwarf. They told us that they would support us no matter what we decided to do - abort him, or let him go full term.  Of course we are giving our son a chance to life! We were told to come back in two weeks (October 24th) for further diagnosis and also to talk with a genetic counselor.

Kenten and I have already been so encouraged by our family and the body of Christ (which is our family too!) Our pastor gathered friends around at 2:00 in the afternoon to pray for us on Monday. It was a very powerful time and I felt Andrew moving a lot!  I believe his limbs started growing right them, and his spine started to straighten.  Last night my elevate class gathered around us to pray for Andrew's healing.  We left so encouraged and full of FAITH! We really don't feel alone in this journey at all, we have people fighting for us in prayer.  It makes all the difference! There is no way we could handle this on our own.  Tonight our lifegroup is going to pray with us! Thank you everyone for believing our God for the impossible for our son!  Please feel free to share this with anyone who will pray!

We are finding God's word to be living and active - a powerful weapon in speaking life and healing over Andrew, as well as being an encouragement to our souls.  I am also reading a short book by Susan Peter's called God of the Impossible.   She writes about her own daughter's healing in this book, as well as countless other testimonies.  We have gotten emails daily by people who have waited on the Lord on our behalf - thank you, and keep them coming!

Thank you for believing with us that in two weeks we will have a healing report!