Friday, October 22, 2010

Shoes for Riley!

I just wanted to put in a plug for my friend Magen and some very cute new shoes that she has designed.  Also, this weekend she is giving a 15% off discount if you order some shoes.  You have to type in the code reunion if you want to get the discount.  (If you tell me to order them since she is in Dallas and she can give them to me, you won't have to pay shipping.)  Anyway, just wanted to give you yet another idea of a possible Christmas present for our sweet girl. :)  You will notice that she named a pair after Riley.  I love them, but I also really like the felice style!  Here is her site:

Below are some pictures of shoes that Magen gave to Riley when she was born.  I put them on her today and they still fit very nicely! My favorite thing about these shoes are the inside.  There is soft fluffy stuff on the bottom that comforts her sweet little feet.

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