Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy 5 Months!

Today Riley is 5 months old!  
Yesterday we tried a new thing to get ready for her big leap - rice cereal!  She spit most of it out as you will see in the pictures, but when we tried it today, she actually opened her mouth for the spoon and ate it!  What a quick learner.

Yesterday we also went to Wilson's 1st Birthday Party!  His backyard with decorated like carnival theme.  Riley was sad that she was too little to jump in the bounce house, but she enjoyed seeing all of her friends!  

Ryan, Magen, Sara, and birthday boy - Wilson!

Notice the carmel apple cupcakes, the birthday banner on his cake, and the cute cotton candy party favors!



and Riley's new friend Isaiah!


  1. way to go riley with eating the rice cereal! i can't believe that she is old enough to do that already. . . time goes by so very very fast!

  2. Love seeing her spitting out her food...really makes me laugh!!