Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A gift from Papa

Yesterday we went to Irving to spend time with Gianna.  When we arrived at Grandma and Papa's house we were surprised to find BIG, adorable bears on the couch waiting for Riley and Gianna.  Sweet Papa  gave his girls a valentine gift!  

Thank you Papa!!!!

See how nice they play together!

Actually, Gianna was a little afraid of Riley.  She would scream like this whenever Riley came close.  We think she was just tired.

Aunt Bec was great at distracting her.  She made both of the girls laugh!  We had a fun day with Gianna and Papa and the bears!

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  1. Watch out Riley, or Luke might steal big bear for his entourage (see my post today). Don't you love sweet gifts from Papas to their grand babies? So precious.