Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Riley's 1st Birthday

A year went by so fast!  Just this time last year Kenten and I were coming home from the hospital with a precious little girl who slept a lot and needed to eat a lot.  Now we still have a precious little girl who still likes to eat, but she also like to move around all over the place.  She loves to get into things and be where all the people are.  It has been so much fun to watch her grow these past 12 months.  Riley Grace is full of life and joy - we give all the thanks to Jesus for giving us a beautiful little girl! 

kenten worked hard on these adorable party favors

I hand stitched this whole banner for Riley.  I call it my labor of love.  Too bad the details go unnoticed because it's so windy, and I used yellow thread on the letters and border. :)

aunt leanne and mama keeping Riley busy before her other guests arrived

mama and her sweet girls!

riley and papa

riley and grandpa k

a party game that didn't really go over well - good thing parks have play grounds!

riley and her sweet friend, emery kate

not so sure about this cupcake

yum! more please!

riley's first car from uncle ryan and aunt leah!

thank you all for your sweet gifts!

danny, dana, christy, elena, & suzy

sparrow, christina, & eli

ek & duncan

the fam

our little explorer 

Thank you family and friends for celebrating Riley's 1- year with us!

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