Monday, March 12, 2012

A Step Closer

Today was intense.  They took Andrew to Children's to remove his breathing tubes, then they sent him back over to Parkland.  When he got back he needed a lot of help breathing!  They tried the c-pap, then they used a mask, they even tried to stick a tube down his nose, but he did not like that at all.  Kenten and I were actually in there for part of the drama.  It was very nerve racking to see Andrew struggle and turn white!  He finally stabilized a bit, and now he has a c-pap in.  They are going to check his gases every 4 hours tonight, and check his blood sugar levels.  This means Andrew cannot eat.  He hasn't eaten since 2:00am yesterday morning.  Poor Thing!  This is what he looks like now. :( Not exactly breathing on his own, but hopefully getting closer. (The tube in his throat is a feeding tube.)


  1. Oh sweet andrew! Thank you for coming to be with us on planet earth :). Youre not even a month old, but youre already famous like a rock star!!!! Good job @ living, buddy!!!!!
    Ps: you have one of the best mommies ever! She's beautiful & really kind AND has courage like a mama lion! Karis - you're an incredible woman! Andrew is a lucky duck :). Thinking about you so often. Sending lots of love to you :)

  2. Kelly, you are too kind! He kind of looks like a little rock star in this pic. :)

  3. Been watching for a Caring Bridge update and just saw this! Precious, precious Andrew! Sounds like he got his momma's courage and tenacious spirit. I echo Kelly that all the Waldrums are rock stars.