Friday, March 9, 2012


Yesterday we received the results from the MRI.  Basically it said his brain looked great, but his spine still had the curve.  Thankfully, there is some space between it and the spinal cord...not as much as most people have, but it's not pinching the cord.  As I was driving home from the hospital I felt discouraged that we didn't get to see his spine "healed" in the MRI.  I know God is perfectly capable of making that happen.  As I was thinking and telling the Lord that I was frustrated, I felt like he told me to be thankful.  Then I started thinking about the doctors.  I can't even imagine committing that many years of my life to schooling and sleepless nights, extremely hard days, as well as good ones.  So, I began to be thankful that God has called people to the medical field. That is quite a calling! One doctor (or maybe he is a fellow) in particular came into mind. 
When Andrew was born it took a few minutes to get him air.  Evidently one lady was trying or doing something, and Dr. Josh took over and got the tube down.  I am so thankful that they all worked as a team, but that Josh just reacted so quickly under all that pressure and got the tubes in Andrew's throat.  He was without oxygen for about 3 minutes...had it have been longer, it may have cost him function of his brain! Thank you Lord for being in the details!  (I love that the Dr. who put the tube in was named Joshua. :))
While I was in the hospital I kept asking the Lord to let me see an angel. I never saw one, and while I was pushing I had my eyes closed. But, the first 2 nights of Andrew's stay in the NICU he was right next to a baby named Gabriel! :)
When Riley was born our landlord put out pink balloons on our mailbox.  When Andrew was born, we came home to a brand new sink in our bathroom! It gives us more counter space, storage, and we can have warm water instead of just hot or cold.
I am thankful.
The anesthesiologist just called me.  They are going to take the tubes out.  He needed my consent to do this and made sure I understood that if he has to put the tube back in that it could cause injury to his spine.  I consented.  That was a hard conversation.  Jesus, right now please make Andrew's lungs strong.  May he respond to the c-pap.  Protect him in every single way! I trust you Lord. You are Andrew's great physician, and you are guiding these physicians!

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  1. Even though I believe that the Almighty God can do the impossible, I am always amazed out how much He cares for His children. It is awesome to see Him work in the details - ways in which I'd never have thought possible!

    We are praying for you all - for healing and protection for Andrew, peace and comfort for both you, Kenten, and Riley, and that God will help you to see how He is working through it all. Our family is growing through your experiences. We love you!