Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 5th - Andrew's Coming Home!

We are bringing Andrew home tomorrow! Of course we are very excited to have our sweet baby home with us!  We will be able to hold him and see him whenever we want! 
We are also a bit overwhelmed as he is coming home on a feeding tube.  This is not ideal. :) He did worse on his swallow study this week.  Evidently he was so tired he kept falling asleep in the "special chair." He seems to have trouble getting the milk back into his throat, so his swallows aren't timing correctly making the milk not go to the correct places.  (I am sure there is a much more sophisticated way to explain this.) Thankfully, we still get to bring Andrew home, but they don't want us to feed him with a bottle at all.  We have to work with a speech pathologist as well as see the doctor for his cleft palate this coming Tuesday at Children's. Oh, and he didn't pass his hearing screening either, so we also have to go to children's for a diagnostic test ... now the scheduling of appointments begins...we are trusting the Lord will help us find a new routine and rhythm for this season. But we continue to be so THANKFUL that we have a son to bring home!  Thank you Jesus for allowing Andrew to breath well on his own! 

Thank you ALL who have been praying for Andrew!  We hope that you will continue to pray for him in the journey ahead! We are honored that you continue to invest in our lives!

Andrew was tested for a half an hour in his car seat.  They said he loved it.  We got a picture of him today. He fell asleep right when I practiced putting him in.  

Andrew had the two BEST primary nurses! We absolutely loved seeing them love on Andrew.  The days they weren't working it truly felt like something was missing.  Nurse Laurie loved to cuddle with Andrew, and nurse Maggie loved to take his picture and capture memories in his photo album.  Andrew ate up the cuddles and attention, and he always turned his face towards nurse Maggie's scottish accent! They will be missed!

Here are some more of Andrew's visitor's during his stay in the NICU. 
(Aunt Delena and Aunt Janelle's pictures are missing...not sure what happened to them.)
So glad the rest of you will get to meet Andrew without so many tubes!




Grandpa K


Jen and Darren

Uncle Gary and Aunt Kim

Great Granddad

Great Grandmother





  1. SO glad thatAndrew gets to come home. He is adorable. I have been praying for him since before he was born. Baby steps......he is doing so well. In time he will be able to drink his bottle. Just keep on lovin him.......

  2. Me again. By chance do you read the"This little Miggy stayed home" blog. Miggy is the lady that rights it. She has a daughter that has some things in common with Andrew. Just thought you might want to check her blog out.

  3. Yay! We are so excited that Andrew will be home with you! And we can't wait for our chance to meet him in person, and see that sweet face!

  4. Hi! A reader of mine pointed me in the direction of your blog and I'm so glad she did!

    Congrats on your beautiful baby Andrew. I love him already. I too have a daughter with limb differences on all 4 limbs AND a small stomach. Trust me, I'm just as shocked to see another baby so similar! Feel free to visit my blog and check her out. Her blog name is Lamp, and you can look under my Lamp links to read all about her over the past 2 years. She's 21 months now and doing great. We love her. Feel free to email me too, I'd love to email or even talk on the phone if you have any questions or would just like to talk to someone who KNOWS. My email is thislittlemiggy at gmail dot com. My blog is

    Congrats on a blessed (and sometimes trying) new miracle!

  5. A Happy Easter, indeed! Thrilled to learn Andrew is home and your family is complete again; I bet Riley will shine as a big sister!