Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Quick Update!

There is so much to say, and not very much time to say it all, so I will make this a quick update and write more later.  We would appreciate your prayers for Andrew on July 2nd.  He is going to Children's at 6:30am for surgery.  He is getting tubes in his ears, and a g-tube.  (Right now he has a tube that goes into his nose to feed, they are going to move it so it goes directly into his stomach.) This is great because we won't have to check placement anymore, and his cheeks can heal, but, it is still far from natural!!! Still hoping to see healing on his palate...
The ear tubes are because he evidently has fluid in his ears, so everything is sounding very muffled.  He didn't pass the ABR, they are thinking this will help greatly improve his hearing. The ear tube part of the surgery is very minor, our biggest concerns are him being put to sleep for a long time, and worrying how well he will be able to breathe after surgery since he is already "labeled" with narrow airways.   Please pray!  

We also met with a neurosurgeon this week.  He wants to have another MRI on Andrew's neck.  He looked at the one form the NICU, then the one that was done 2 months later, and there was improvement, so he wants have another one now that Andrew is 4 months old.  He mentioned possibly having Andrew wear a brace.  This was discouraging.  I can't imagine my sweet boy being confined even more!  (He wouldn't even be able to move his head from side to side if he had to wear a brace!) But, if it comes down to that, it will be worth it to protect his spinal cord.  Lord, please continue to heal Andrew's neck. Did I mention that he wants to have this MRI done on July 2nd while Andrew is already asleep.  Which means he will have to be asleep for an even longer period of time?!!

On a lighter note, we bought a house.  Our very first home.  We also gutted the kitchen, and decided to move a few walls around.  We are scheduled to move on July 7th.  CRAZY!!!  We have experienced an overwhelming amount of support and help with our house first and foremost by our family.  They (Kenten's parents, aunts, and uncles) worked LONG days painting, and cutting branches, and tearing up floors, and clearing shrubs in the nasty Texas heat.  My sweet mom helped watched the kids for a week, and my dad helped Kenten build new walls.  Our neighbor across the street is a contractor, and he has been sacrificially working with Kenten to help him get all this done correctly.  We are so blessed.  These same neighbors have cooked us a meal every Wednesday since Andrew was born!  AMAZING! Thank you Lord for your provisions!

Sweet Riley celebrated her 2nd birthday, and is going to finish up swim lessons this Friday.  

I was suppose to talk with Andrew's pulmonolgist  about Andrew's sleep study today, but when I got there I learned that he was an hour behind schedule, so I told them I'd reschedule for after Andrew's surgery, and asked them to fax the results to Children's for his pre-op charts.

We are very tired, and really taking things one day at a time right now.  Thanks for praying!  It makes all the difference!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Karis! Praying for your sweet family and precious baby boy!

  2. I have been wondering how things are doing. I pray for Andrew alot.

  3. Thank you for the update! We'll definitely be praying for you all!!

  4. Thinking of you guys and praying. =)

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